South Eastern Coalfields Limited is the largest coal producing company in the country. The coal reserves of South Eastern Coalfields Limited are spread over two States, namely, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh and the Company is operating 89 mines with 35 Mines in the State of Madhya Pradesh and 54 Mines in the State of Chhattisgarh besides a Coal Carbonization Plant namely Dankuni Coal Complex (DCC) at Dankuni in West Bengal on lease basis from Coal IndiaLimited.

For effective administrative control and operation,the mines have been grouped in three Coalfields, namely, Central India Coalfields (CIC), Korba Coalfields and Mand-Raigarh Coalfields with 13 operating Areas.


                          A. Central India Coalfields


1. Chirimiri Area.                                                                     5. Bhatgaon Area


2. Baikunthpur Area                                                                6. Jamuna & Kotma Area


3. Bisrampur Area                                                                   7. Sohagpur Area


4. Hasdeo Area                                                                        8. Johilla Area


                             B. Korba Coalfields


1. Korba Area


2. Kusmunda Area


3. Dipka Area


4. Gevra Area


                                                       C. Mand-Raigarh Coalfields

 1. Raigarh



 1.      Dankuni Coal Complex, Dankuni, West Bengal.





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