Dankuni Coal Complex


Manufactured from low phosphorous and low sulphur coal source.

Available in (+) 35 to (-) 70 mm, (+) 6 to (-) 35 mm and 0-10 mm size range.

Fixed Carbon content: 52-57%, V.M: 2-3%, Phosphorous- 0.02-0.03%,Sulphur:0.4-0.5%

Usage: (+) 6 mm Coke used as smokeless domestic fuel, Industrial Reductant for mfg. of Bulk Ferro-Alloys. (-) 6 mm coke used for Briquettes, Cement Plants, Smelting/ Rosting.

Coal Fines- Size of 0-25 mm, GCV- 5800   to 6100 K.Cal/Kg


  1. Sweetener for improving PLF in Power Plants.
  2. In cement plants for better quality products.
  3. Due to long flame character, suitable for Boiler and furnace, Brick and lime kilns.

Coal Tar-

 Destructive distillation of Coal in Retorts liberates Coal-Tar.

Specific Gravity 1.02-1.04, Moisture- 1-2%. GCV : 10200 K.Cal/Kg., Kinematic Viscosity 184 cst at 40 Deg C.

Usage: Effective substitute of Furnace Oil, Preparation for Boat Paint, Tar-felt etc. Can be distilled to yield wide spectrum value added chemicals such as  phenol, Ortho-Cresol,Meta-para-Cresol, Xylenol and HBTA.

The Fuel Policy Committee of Govt. of India in its report in 1974 recommended the setting up of a number of Low Temperature Carbonisation Plant in India for replacement of petroleum based fuel oil in the wake of sudden rise in petroleum prices during the middle of 1970’s. In pursuance of this decision, Govt. of India decided that such a Plant would be operated by Coal India Ltd. accordingly a Carbonisation Plant at Dankuni was set up.

The Prime Objectives of this project is to produce

  • About 1000 MT per day of solid Smokeless Fuel, branded as CILCOKE and cokefines.
  • About 18 million cft of Coal gas per day for supply in and around Calcutta and Howrah.
  • About 60 to 70 tonnes of Tar Chemicals per day.
  • Both solid and gaseous fuels, being very clean in nature, would subsequently contribute to the reduction of pollution level of Calcutta and Howrah.

Dankuni Coal Complex Plant has been leased out by Coal India Ltd. to SECL .

Products of Dankuni Coal Complex, Dankuni (West Bengal) :

  •    Cilcoke
  •    Coke fines
  •    Coal fines
  •    Coal gas
  •    Light Oil/Partially Distilled Light Tar
  •    Ammonium Sulphate       
  •    Dehydrated Tar

Address :Dankuni Coal Complex, Durgapur Expressway, Dcc, Hooghly (Wb).  Pin- 712310

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